Saturday, September 10, 2011

Birthday Celebrations..

Sorry it has been a while since I last posted! I have been so busy with school starting and adjusting to the school life here in Italy! These past couple weeks have been interesting to say the least but I have not gone to too many places to be able to write about them!

Last time I posted I said I was going on a school field trip and we went to Siena! It was gorgeous! We went on a tour of their Duomo and the museum attached to it then we saw their local government building that is in their main square. Both places were so beautiful on the inside and there was so much interesting history to all of it!

This is the main square as you walk up to it!

This is the main government building in the middle of the square.

This is part of the intricate artwork on the outside of the Duomo

This is the inside as soon as you enter, beautiful!

This is the ceiling in the old library located inside of the church

Also, every week in my Italian Fashion and Culture class we go on a site visit each Thursday. The first week of class I visited the Uffizi museum. I got to see a lot of great works of art there but we only got to spend an hour and a half there so I didn't get to see the whole museum. I saw the beautiful painting "The Birth of Venus" which was breathtaking. I have learned so much about that piece during my art history classes! This week during our site visit I went to the Ferragamo shoe museum. I couldn't even begin to explain how much I wanted every pair of shoe in that gallery! It was beautiful! I wish I would have been able to take pictures at these two places to share with you all but we were not allowed. 

This weekend was my 21st birthday so I celebrated it with my roommates, even though the age 21 doesn't mean anything special here! I really missed everyone at home and I would have to say that my birthday wasn't the same without all of you! I especially missed my boyfriend, it was weird celebrating my birthday without him! It was also my three year anniversary with him this weekend and it was sad not being able to be with him for it! I can't wait to come home to re-celebrate with everyone!

My roommate Amy did my hair for my birthday and she did an amazing job!

This is a picture of my roommates and I on my birthday night!

I woke up the next morning to a completely decorated kitchen! This is one of the pictures of what it looked like.

This is a picture of us out to eat on my birthday night!

And when we got home the girls surprised me with a small ice cream cake!

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