Sunday, October 9, 2011

Como and Milan

This Thursday and Friday I went to Milan and Como with Kent State. I enjoyed every minute of it except the five hour buss ride there and home! On Thursday we arrived in Como a little bit before noon, my bus visited the Ratti Museum first. Antonio Ratti is the founder of the Ratti Silk Factory and is very famous for all of his works. The museum was interesting, we had a lady give us background on the company and she then showed us a bunch of vintage fabrics they keep stored in the museum. After we left there we went to the square in downtown Como for lunch. It was beautiful, I think what I enjoyed the most is that it seemed very calm compared to how downtown Florence is!

Afterwards I visited the Ratti Silk Factory. This was a very interesting visit, being about to actually see the process of all of the fabrics being produced one step at a time. This was probably my favorite thing we have done since we have been in Florence! After visiting the factory we had a chance to shop around at their private outlet store next to the factory. I caved in and bought myself a small, pink Valentino scarf to tie onto my purse. Don't freak out though it wasn't outrageously expensive! I scored a major deal on it so I couldn't pass it up!

The next day we loaded up the buses and headed to Milan. Once we got into Milan we walked to the Triennale Design Museum. Here we had a guided tour of their main gallery, in this gallery there were all sorts of things displayed. What I what the best thing about it was that anything that was displayed on the floor and not a platform you were free to sit on or lay on, and even touch! It was something I have never seen before at a museum! After the main gallery we were free to walk around the Louis Vuitton: The Art of Fashion exhibit. This was stunning! I wish I was able to take pictures in it!

After the museum we were taken to downtown Milan and the professors lead us to the Duomo, it was huge and so intricately designed! From there they were nice enough to decide to not make us do the other visits they had planned so we could walk around Milan on our own for the rest of the day! My roommates and I got some lunch in the square of the Duomo and afterwards we climbed to the top of the Duomo, it was gorgeous! The skies were clear enough that, from the top, we could see the snow covered Alps! The sight was worth the six euro I spent to go up top! Once we got down from the top we just wandered around Milan for the rest of our time, walking up and down the streets surrounding the Duomo. We mostly did window shopping, wishing we all had the money to afford Dior and Louis Vuitton!

I thought you'd love to see a few of my many pictures I snapped while on this trip so here they are!

This is the lake in Como, its surrounded by beautiful mountains!

This is a photo I took at the Ratti Silk Factory, it is one of the many looms they have there.

This is a weaving machine, if you click on the picture to enlarge it you can see that it is weaving Louis Vuitton fabric!

This is a picture of inside the machine that washes the fabric, you can see the fabric being washed inside of the window.

This is one of the first artwork displays we saw at the museum we visited in Milan.

This is the entrance to the Louis Vuitton exhibit.

I took this while we were walking into downtown Milan.

This is the Duomo in Milan.

This is me on the roof of the Duomo!

This is the view of the Alps from the top!

And this is a picture of the Duomo while making my way back down the roof.

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