Sunday, October 2, 2011


Sorry it has been so long since I last posted! Nothing exciting happened until I went on my school trip to Paris for almost a week! Since we have been home I have been super busy with school and on to of it all I got sick! Enough of my blabbing, I want to tell you all what I did in Paris!

We got to Paris Tuesday, September 20th during the evening, once we got all settled into our hostel my roommates and I went out to dinner. The next morning the group split up into three smaller groups that we stayed in for the rest of the week. My group went to visit three of the most famous retail stores in Paris, they are Collette, Bon Marche, and Merci. They were all fabulous but a huge tease because they had all designer brands and everything was way out of my price range! After visiting those retail stores we went to the Pierre Cardin museum, which is a famous designer. The clothes were breathtaking! I can't forget to mention during this whole week I experienced my first metro rides ever! They gave us a five day metro pass and it was very interesting to say the least!

My second day in Paris we went to Premiere Vision, which is a huge fashion trade show that brings together a bunch of new ideas for the upcoming season for fabrics, colors, trends, etc. It was an amazing experience to have while in Paris. Not many fashion students can say that they went to Premiere Vision in Paris! After we went to Premiere Vision my group went to the Fragonard museum. It was a short visit, but it was a perfume museum that is famous for its creations. We pretty much just saw how they made them and smelled a bunch of different kinds. After this visit my roommates and I took the metro to the Eiffel Tower! It was absolutely amazing! We took a million pictures of it of course! Once we got up to it we decided to climb to the top then because there was no line to get tickets what-so-ever! It was pretty nice! Let's just say that climb of 668 stairs was one heck of a workout! The sight was totally worth every moment though! After we climbed the Eiffel Tower we got dinner at a small diner by the tower then sat in the park to wait for the sunset and for it to light up and twinkle! It is a moment I will never forget!

My third day we all visited the company Trend Union which is a trend forecasting company, we watched their presentation "Bliss" about the upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2013. Yes, I meant 2013, trend forecasting companies tend to work two years in advance! After visiting there, later that afternoon my roommates and I went to see the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was fabulous, we walked through the church and we walked through the little parks around the church to see all of it! Then after that we walked behind the church over a bridge and scoped out somewhere to eat, it was a nice area and it was super artsy! Too bad we had to cross back over the bridge to eat because every restaurant was so expensive!

On Saturday we had a free day! So we woke up early and my roommate Melinda really wanted to go see Jim Morrison's grave from the band The Doors so we took the subway there! After we visited that we took the subway to a vintage flea market they suggested we visited, they could of at least told us it was in a ghetto area! Lol, we still scoped it out for a little bit anyway! Then we made our way back to the Louvre! We spent almost 4 hours in there! It was amazing seeing the Mona Lisa, Aphrodite, the Code of Hammurabi, and The Winged Victory of Samothrace! At least I took a couple art history courses before coming here or I doubt I would of even knew what some of this stuff was!

Our last day we got our stuff together and got on our buses and we visited Versailles for part of the day before we left for our flight! It was gorgeous, seeing the House of Mirrors was awesome! Other than visiting there we headed back to the airport to catch our flight back to Pisa then took buses back to Florence, we didn't get home until almost 11:00 p.m. that night! I was exhausted! But here are a few pictures from my trip!

View from the Eiffel Tower!

I forgot to add this but this is me in front of the Arc de Triomphe!

I also forgot to add that we went to see the Moulin Rouge at night!

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